This summer PC ’11 member Kate Rowland traveled to Veraguas, Panama with UAID (United Against Infectious Disease), a group committed to raising awareness and educating rural areas about the effects of HIV/AIDS. Kate applied for the trip and was one of ten students chosen for the trip among others from Princeton, William & Mary, NYU, and a few other smaller schools. They traveled throughout the rural communities in Veruguas conducting free HIV testing as well as raising awareness among groups where HIV is very common, but a completely unknown disease. The last few days of the trip they traveled to see the Panama Canal and Kate even made a Pi Phi friend!


Kate feels that her trip was an incredible opportunity to learn about the medical field while also getting to serve others. She is now spending the second half of her summer as a counselor at Kanakuk, a Christian summer camp in Missouri. A busy, but exciting summer! Can’t wait to see you back in CStat Kate!