Congratulations to Meghan Reilly, who was just named COSGA Director for the 2012-2013 school year!

COSGA stands for Conference on Student Government Association. It is a four-day conference where hundreds of delegates from colleges nationwide (and even some from Mexico and the Bahamas!) come together at the Texas A&M campus to share ideas and engage in fellowship with one another. The days are filled with amazing speakers, roundtables on various aspects of Student Government, and sessions on how to start and run organizations at your own school (such as Big Event!). At night there are socials where the delegates get to know one another and form new friendships. It is truly an amazing experience for all the delegates and is so cool that Texas A&M is the host for such a prestigious conference!

Meghan has been involved with COSGA and Student Government in many ways since her freshman year at Texas A&M. We are so proud of her and excited to see how her passion for Student Government is displayed as the director of COSGA 2013. Way to go Meghan!