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Photos from our Halloween Date party with Tri-Delt! Special guests included: Scooby and the Gang, the Spice Girls, Blue and Steve, and the band KISS! WOW ;)

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On October 29th, Texas Eta had the wonderful opportunity to host Kisses For Troops, our second time to hold this fun event! After a delicious chapter dinner cooked by our favorite Chef Sue, the Pi Phi girls donned their lipstick and best “kissy” faces and started writing and kissing postcards for our active troops. Cosmopolitan Magazine, who sponsors this event, donates $1 to the USO for each postcard signed and kissed. The postcards are then given to the troops on New Years’ Eve as a way of encouraging them and thanking them for their service with kind words and a New Years’ kiss! After writing their postcards and taking pictures with Reveille at the Kisses For Troops photobooth, the girls lined up to get a makeover from the Maybelline makeup artists present at the event. It was a fun way to celebrate sisterhood while also showing gratitude to our troops for their selfless service! Thank you to Cosmopolitan for choosing us to host this event again!

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On October 26, PC ‘12 celebrated the end of their new member program with family and their Pi Phi sisters at our annual New Member Presentation! Our lovely New Member Coordinator, Shannon Castille, and her fantastic committee of New Member Educators gave a wonderful overview of the new member experience, reflecting over how much the girls have learned and have grown throughout this time. A few of the girls also came up and shared stories of their favorite moments in their new member period from New Member Retreat to mixers to Big/Little Reveal week! Throughout their time as a new member, each girl is educated about the history, purpose, mission, and values of the sorority. Pi Phi strives to instill in each of its members the 8 Pearls which represent our core values: Love, Patience, Self-Control, Charity & Service, Purity, Unselfishness, Sympathy, and Friendship. During the ceremony, 8 of the new members were nominated by their peers and awarded with one of the 8 Pearl awards for showing one of these Pi Phi values throughout the semester. Our 8 Pearl winners this year were: Helengrey Simpson, Samantha Duffey, Elisabeth High, Caity Tarabocchia, Shelby Edmiston, Laurelyn Kelly, Mary Claire Pollard, and Mary Allison Ethridge! Each girl was then presented to the chapter by her father and Big Sis! It was a fun way to celebrate the end of pledgeship and the start of each girl’s journey as an official Pi Phi member! Congratulations PC 12!



1. Where are you from?

Midland, Texas!!!

2. What PC are you in?


3. What is your major?

Community Health (Psych minor)

4. Outside of Pi Phi, what are you involved in?

This very moment: SCHOOL!

However, last semester I babysat for a WONDERFUL little girl with Autism who just recently had her 8th birthday party (glow-in-the-dark balloons and homemade donuts made for a special day)!!! I have so missed seeing her after school the first half of this semester but planning on starting back up with her very soon “BIG YAY!”

5.Inside of Pi Phi, what have you been involved in?

New Member program has just come to a close! The whole experience was great! PC’12 is SO AWESOME & I have learned so so much from the position. 

I was on DTA committee last year… (coral comfort colors!)

6. What is your favorite of Pi Phi value and Why?

Sincere Friendship.  I feel that genuine friends make such a difference in every aspect of life. Pi Phi not only brings together so many incredible girls but also puts such an emphasis on this value and THAT’S why it is my favorite.

7. What is your favorite Pi Phi memory?

EASILY road-tripping with Beth P & Brooke H across America!!! Straight from finals to the Fort, Lake Palo Pinto, MITLAN, alien museum at Roswell (ha!), Grand Canyon, and then BEAUTIFUL CALIFORNIA. Awesome Pi Phi road trip :)

8. What is something that you will take away from your college experience?

The importance of quiet times! These wonderful four years can be easy, fun, enjoyable days but college is unavoidably sprinkled with days that are stressful, scary, or push me out of my comfort zone.  I think that (even more than the academic knowledge, experiences, friends, and challenges) the lesson of making time to be still and in the Word daily will be what is relevant to EVERY day of the rest of my life, no matter the circumstances.

9. What are you passionate about?

My family!!! I aspire to be the spitting image of my mother & my dad is my most treasured friend. I have two older brothers (such gentlemen) and a simply wonderful, classy younger sister. I LOVE THEM each so so dearly. 

Making people know that they are important & loved no matter what.  Working at Hope Pregnancy Center (as well as babysitting Alena) have been the greatest opportunities of my college experience & have shaped this passion.

10. What is something random/funny fact about yourself?

I don’t like to watch movie previews… Scuba certified? (But NOT as cool as Sarah Joy!)

11.What are your plans for after graduation?

THAT I couldn’t tell ya… Maybe dental hygiene? 


Congratulations to the lovely Miss Morgan Greco, our very own Vice President of Member Development, and…Texas A&M’s Sorority Woman of the Year!!! Morgan was nominated for the award by a fellow Greek and chosen out of a pool of incredibly well-qualified applicants. She was recognized for her service to Pi Phi in various ways and the Greek community as a whole for the academic precedents set through her work as VPMD. She has been a true leader in the chapter and in every way deserves this prestigious recognition. We are so thankful for you and could not be more proud of you Morgan!

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Photos from Pi Phight, our very first date party of the year!

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This past week was Big/Little Revelation week for PC ‘12! Throughout the week, the girls were showered with baked goods, candygrams, and cryptic clues from their unknown Big, but on Thursday they finally got to find out the identity of this mysterious gift-giver. The girls lined up outside of the chapter room dressed in a costume to match their Big Sis for the “reveal.” Once ready, the girls were ushered in one at a time to run in and meet their Big in an epic embrace. The rest of the night was spent taking pictures and hanging out with their new Pi Phi Phamilies!

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Two weekends ago, Texas Eta hosted our annual Dad’s Tailgate at General Weber’s backyard before the South Carolina State game! Dad’s Tailgate is an event we always look forward to and this year’s definitely didn’t disappoint! The girls and their families snacked on fajitas and guac and all the Dad’s received a Pi Phi Dad baseball cap as a gift for attending the tailgate! What a fun afternoon for all! Thank you to all the Dads and families who attended; we can’t wait to see you back next year!


NAME: Sarah Stimson

MISS: Universe

Where are you from?

Dallas, TX

What PC are you in?


What is your major?

Communications with a minor in Art

Outside of Pi Phi, what are you involved in?

haha I’m sorry, but straight up nothing. I have dabbled in other organizations here and there throughout college, but Pi Phi is my main deal now. Between that and my personal studies, I stay pretty busy. Sorry 4 being a L0ser.

Inside of Pi Phi, what have you been involved in?

I was t-shirt chair freshman year, which was really where I peaked. From there I went on to become Vice President of Housing, but I might as well have been “Lice President”, if y’know what I mean (it was a hard year for the house girls. Lotta tears. Lotta haircuts.) No, I really am kidding, being on exec was really special for me. I was also the committee chair for hospitality in recruitment for the past two years, and I got to be conversation chair last year, as well! One year I was head of the Pi Phi book club, and also had the distinct honor of being its only enrolled member!

What is your favorite of Pi Phi value (Honor and Respect, Integrity, Lifelong Commitment, Personal and Intellectual Growth, Sincere Friendship, Philanthropic Service to Others) and Why?

Obviously sincere friendship is a very special value, and one that has affected my life deeply. I think, though, that Personal and Intellectual Growth has been a favorite for me. I have changed and learned so much in college about who I am and how I relate to people. Pi Phi has really guided that. I am also pretty serious about my personal pursuit for knowledge and my studies of human interaction. As a person, an artist, a woman, and as a Pi Phi, I consider it of highest importance to pursue personal and intellectual growth daily.

What is your favorite Pi Phi memory?

Geez, there are a whole lot. For me, living in the house was the best thing. All of it. Laughing a ton, prayers before dinner, staying up too late studying or not studying or eating Fuego or doing puzzles, talking in the mini kitchen and hearing about girls’ lives—who suspected she would get engaged soon, who was having a crummy week and needed to talk, who wanted to have a dance party and look like idiots tryin to work it to rap music. I’ve made a lot of incredible friends and memories and shoot I really have laughed so, so much. Somehow through those little moments of laughing and sunshine and running like mad to catch the bus for class, I learned to care about Pi Phi—its present, its future, and even its history. Come on now, let’s all get tattoos to commemorate!

What is something that you will take away from your college experience?

This: I am different from you. You are different from me. Now let’s love each other really really well.

What are you passionate about?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA everything, man. I am passionate about the confusing and incredible and transcendent love of God the Father. My family, Art, learning learning learning every single day. I’m passionate about words. I’m passionate about hands. I’m passionate about people watching. I’m passionate about big cities and roads to nowhere. I’m passionate about the flickering, neon Velocity sign on Harvey Road. Everything, man.

What is something random/funny fact about yourself?

When I was about 5 I made up an imaginary grandfather whom I named Crying. Both of my grandfathers were alive, I had no need to replace either of them, but I created this fictitious companion anyway. My parents, who thought my tales of Grandfather Crying were hilarious, often asked me how he was doing and what we were up to. Apparently I tired of their constant questioning. Soon, I made up the excuse that he had gone to jail. When this did not stop their interest, I told them he had died. That’s right, I killed off my own imaginary grandfather with my mind.

What are your plans for after graduation?

A big dream for me is to work in retail visuals (window displays) for the store Anthropologie. While this is still a goal for me, lately I’ve been thinking I may go to grad school for a Masters degree in Fine Arts. Before that, I’d like to work for about a year for a woodworker in Dallas whom I worked for last summer. He is way cool, and I think I still have a lot to learn from him before I go to grad school. Ultimately, I’d like to work in a creative field that allows me to use my hands and brain a lot. I’d like to be a really loving mother and marry a superbly sexy man of God.

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Sweet Home Pi Beta Phi! This year Texas Eta welcomed 56 new angels into PC ‘12! Decked out in bandanas, jean shorts, and everything country, the chapter was so excited to meet the newest edition to the chapter! Bid Day 2012 was a blast complete with live country music from Allen Duhon and BBQ for dinner. WE LOVE YOU PC ‘12!