Texas Eta is so excited to begin formally introducing our leadership team for this year! They began their roles last semester and are working hard in planning what’s next in store for our chapter. 


Chapter President: Morgan Greco

 - She is the one who ultimately runs the show and the glue that holds our leadership together. Morgan is responsible for supervising and delegating responsibilities to the executive council and the other members of the chapter, but also acts as a spokesperson of Texas Eta to the university, alumnae and other memers of the Greek community. She leads and loves all members while modeling Pi Phi values. Morgan has a deep love for education and a passion to lead others to success.

- A Dripping Springs, Texas, native, Morgan is small town proud!

VP Member Development: Joy Stimson

- She leads our academics and educates our members about the values of Pi Beta Phi. Joy is a stellar problem solver who loves using her position to encourage and guide the women in our chapter. It is a perfect fit that she teaches our chapter about our values, because she truly embodies them herself!

- From Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas, she followed her older sister’s footsteps in becoming a Pi Phi at A&M and serving as a Vice President as well. 

VP Fraternity Development: Lindsey Whitmeyer

- She leads the chapter in all things that make Pi Phi truly Pi Phi. From our rituals to our history, to our weekly meetings, Lindsey shares her love of our sorority with others so they can continue to love it too. She is great at engaging our members and making the facts fun. She always has something new up her sleeve to make the lessons exciting!

- She is also from Highland Park in Dallas and has a twin sister who is involved in Greeklife at the University of Oklahoma. 

VP Finance: Katie Lawler

- She is the force behind much of what we do as a chapter. She helps all of us finance events, projects, and purchases to benefit our members and the community. Katie’s supportive and loving personality is an incredible asset on the Exec team and every member will comment that she is a hard worker for our organization!

- Katie is from The Woodlands, Texas and is an upperclassman that decided to serve on the Executive Council. We are so grateful for her!

VP Housing: Katie Gerber

- She is the one we owe the beauty of our house to. From encouraging the women that currently live in th house, to scheduling upkeep and improvements, Katie’s agenda is always busy serving Pi Phi. Our chapter would not be anywhere near as wonderful if it wasn’t for her!

- From Clark High School in San Antonio, Texas, she is constantly looking to bring a fiesta to our chapter and celebrate the successes of others. 

VP Membership: Kate Rowland

- She is the leader of recruitment, which is our biggest event of the year! Through her position Kate guides us in gaining our newest members. She also helps our seniors transition from the life of an active to an alumnae. It takes a strong and passionate person to lead our members from the start to finish of their time as an active and she could not be a better fit! 

- She is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and we are so glad that she decided to make the journey to College Station!

VP Administration: Amy Weissler

- She is the one that gives our chapter the fuel to keep on going and hold Texas Eta accountable to national and campus regulations. Amy has an important and strenuous role but serves with grace and positivity. She holds our Executive Board in line, but is also a fantastic encourager and friend!

- She is another one of our ladies from Highland Park who followed a similar path as her sister to Pi Phi at A&M and then as a Vice President. 

VP Philanthropy: Julia Andrews

- Julia is responsible for what makes our heart beat: our philanthropy. From partnering with the Barbara Bush Parent Center, to coordinating our Champions Are Readers program, to leading our chapter’s annual philanthropy event, Dodge the Arrow, Julia is all about promoting literacy and we love her for it! Her devotion to helping others shines bright through her role, as well as in her daily service to those around her. 

- She is from Taylor High School in Katy, Texas and treats every member as her true sister. 

VP Communications: Kristin Sibley

- She gets to showcase how wonderful Texas Eta is to those all across the globe. She is our chapter’s voting delegate for Texas A&M’s Panhellenic Council and is the one that welcomes Potential New Members to our home during recruitment. Kristin is also in charge of our social media and newsletter. Whether our chapter is mentioned in Pi Beta Phi’s national magazine, The Arrow, or in the campus yearbook, Kristin is behind it!

- She is from Shreveport, Louisiana but we’re glad to have her in Texas!

VP Event Planning: Kourtney Kern

- She is the mastermind behind many of our celebrations. She works with our Social Chair and Risk Manager to plan our social events, hosts our Mom’s Tea and Dad’s Tailgate, and teams up with Kate to make our recruitment the best it can be! Her attention to detail and devotion to ensuring our members have a great time, makes her the perfect fit for her role. 

- Kourtney went to Plano West in Plano, Texas and gives incredible energy to any task she works on for the chapter!

Stay tuned as we introduce more of our leadership throughout the summer! Texas Eta is so fortunate to have such wonderful women!






Our last day of Convention 2013 was a memorable one. Our morning was filled with lots of educational programs that taught us how to make Texas Eta the best it can be! From the role of PSB, to recruitment, to Champions are Readers, to policy and position statement, we talked about it all. We can’t wait to share about all we learned with the rest of the chapter!

During lunch we helped make 1,000 book packs to be given to children who do not have books of their own. Each bag has 5 books, book plates, and a book mark, along with a our personal note. It was great to see that Pi Phi not only wants to use convention as an informative gathering, but one that can help us achieve our philanthropic goals. 

During our last general session of the afternoon, many exciting and memorable events took place. Convention attendees helped raise over $114,000 for the Pi Beta Phi Foundation! Wow. What a great act of kindness to be apart of. The New Grand Council and directors were installed as we said goodbye to our wonderful Grand President, Mary Loy Tatum. She ail be truly missed, but we are so excited for Paula Shepherd to lead the Fraternity. She is going to bring great things our way! The location of the Convention 2015 was also announced. WE’RE HEADED TO CHICAGO! Texas Eta is already looking forward to being a part of the event. 

The final dinner, the Wine Carnation Banquet, recognized many individuals, chapters, and alunae clubs for their work for the fraternity. It was truly inspiring to here how they impact the world around them. We enjoyed a beautiful tribute to Mary Loy Tatum and I had the wonderful privilege of participating in the Founder’s Candle Lighting ceremony that represents the founding of our fraternity by its twelve members. We also want to congratulate Iowa Gamma at Iowa State University for winning the Balfour Cup, as well as California Mu and California Nu for being first and second runners up. 

We are said to see San Diego go, but cannot wait to travel to Chicago, Illinois for Pi Beta Phi’s 70th Convention in 2013!

We loved making our book bags!

I had the wonderful opportunity to room with with president from Ole Miss this weekend! It was great to meet another Pi Phi friend. 

Paula Shepherd is now our Grand President!

Goodbye, San Diego!

Thank you for following and supporting us throughout the week!


Our Sunday here at convention started off with the memorial service this morning. Chapter presidents walked in honor of members who passed away during the last two years. It was a touching ceremony that reminded all of us why we respect our organization so much. 

Each of us attended a “Deep Dive” session for the majority of the day. These smaller meetings allowed us to learn more about specific aspects of the Fraternity. Catie and Laurelyn attended a session about having a values based recruitment, Amy learned more about the possibilities of Policy and Standards Board, Michelle gained info about the different roles of AAC, and I went to a meeting about 10 key aspects of a successful chapter. Even though our chapter has so much to be proud of, we always have room for improvement and we loved learning about new ideas. 

We had a cookie shine at lunch! This is one of our favorite Pi Phi traditions and it was a blast to share the experience with women from across the continent. Legacies were also recognized at lunch and it was the perfect reminder of how grateful we are for all of the legacies we have at Texas Eta. 

In the afternoon, the convention initiated four alumnae initiates who have been incredible friends of the fraternity. It was exciting to see them take the next step to be actual members of Pi Phi. 

Tonight was the Foundation dinner where we learned more about the strides we are taking to further promote literacy. We also had a wonderful guest speaker who helped us understand how we can better impact those around us and ourselves, through philanthropic work. During dinner the five of us sat separately, mixed in with other Pi Phis. This was a fun and enlightening time because we had the chance to mingle with others we might not have met in the first place. 

We continue to make friends wherever we go, as well as meet mentors that can help us better serve the chapter. Tomorrow is the official last day of convention. We will have many more educational sessions and the final Wine Carnation Banquet where the final awards are announced. We cannot wait!

Sorry, pics are kind of limited today because we were so busy with our educational sessions!



Day 2 of convention was filled with constant celebration of the Texas Eta chapter and Texas A&M. This morning we had the opportunity to meet with the other chapters in Region 6 and celebrate each other’s successes, as well as exchange new and helpful ideas. Event though the other southern schools did not quite understand the meaning behind “howdy”, we made many friends with the leaders of chapter similar to us.

Following the Regional meeting, the Leadership Nominating Committee announced the new slate of International officers I voted on behalf of our chapter to approve the slate.  In the afternoon, discussion and voting took place for this year’s legislation. During this time, we met one of our chapter’s greatest fans, Ms. Sis Mullis. She is a role model to every Pi Phi and a dear friend of our wonderful Mrs. Betty Trant. 

The 5 of us were in for a wonderful treat following our last session. Two Texas Eta visitors surprised us at our hotel! We had a fun time with Brittany and Katie when they stopped by for their Pi Phi fill. So glad to have you in San Diego!

Tonight was the dinner by chapter and we sat with 5 Texas Eta Pi Phi alums! We visited about so many aspects of our chapter and it was a memborable time reminiscing with them over funny stories, shared experiences, and how things change over the years. During the dinner each president presented her chapter’s banner in order of installment year. it was incredibly special to cheer for Texas Eta all together and I can not think of a privilege any greater than representing our members while I walked the banner across the stage. I am so proud all your accomplishments! At the end of the meal, this year’s 12 Phi chapters were presented. They are the top chapters in the fraternity Texas Eta is one of those 12! We now have a beautiful platter to display in our chapter room to mark our success!

Hold your heads high, Texas Eta! You have so much to be proud of. We all thank you for allowing us to represent you among the other 133 chapters!

Tomorrow is a very special and meaningful day here at convention, so make sure to check pack in to read about it. Grateful for each of you!

Thanks & Gig’em!



image image




The first day of convention was a whirlwind to say the least. Some of us started our day at 3:30am and are just now headed off to bed, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Texas Eta arrived in San Diego by 11am and enjoyed lunch on the bay together to kick off our trip. C-Level was honestly one of the best restaurants I have ever been too and I couldn’t have asked for better company. We feasted on all sorts of seafood! The after was filled with all of us getting settled. Amy had her first Pi Phi chorus practice; we can’t wait to see her perform soon!

We had our first convention dinner with some alumnae from Indiana and ended the meal with a dessert perfect for our sorority. When then moved into the first general session where we learned how every single member is an outstanding member. This could not be truer for Texas Eta.

This city is covered with Pi Beta Phi and we are meeting new sisters left and right! I have the wonderful opportunity to room with the President from Ole Miss and Amy is rooming with a member of Exec from Texas Tech. We are already becoming more and more proud of Pi Phi and especially proud of our chapter.

More fun is coming tomorrow and I cannot wait to share it with y’all! 








Texas Eta is counting down the days until the 69th Biennial Pi Beta Phi Convention this weekend in San Diego! Not only will we have the chance to meet members from other chapters, but we will learn more about our fraternity and celebrate what it means to be a Pi Phi.

Texas Eta was recognized as a “Phi” chapter for the 2012 calendar year! This places us in the top 12 Pi Beta Phi chapters internationally. We could not be more excited! At convention, the Aggie Pi Phis will be recognized for our accomplishment.

Morgan Greco is our Chapter President and Voting Delegate for convention. She is the voice of Texas Eta and also has the opportunity to show off why our chapter is so wonderful!

Amy Weissler is the Alternate Delegate, as well as our Vice President of Administration. She will vote for our chapter if Morgan is not able to. She’s done incredible things for our Executive Council and we cannot wait to show her off!

We are sending Catie Hoehner and Laurelyn Kelly as our visitors from this year’s newest pledge class! Not only will they additionally represent Texas Eta in San Diego, but they are going to help bring back useful information to help our chapter continue to improve. We could not be more proud of them!

Along with our collegiate members, we have the wonderful opportunity to send one of our AAC members, Michelle Cable, to convention. Michelle is a member of PC ‘08 at Texas A&M and is already making a huge impact on our Alumnae Council. 

Our representatives are ready for convention! Morgan is going to keep us updated daily through our blog, so make sure you’re checking in for all the action. See you soon, San Diego!

Photo Set

Pi Phi’s Firedance is our semi-formal held each fall semester where girls are encouraged to wear flaming red dresses. We dance the night away with our friends and dates and of course, the girls take TONS of pictures

Photo Set

        As February came to an end, 71 teams of 8-10 students came to participate in Pi Phi’s annual Dodge the Arrow Dodgeball Tournament. The games started at 10am and each team fought for a spot in the playoffs later on in the afternoon.

        The event was SUCH a success and we raised about $21,000 to donate to our local philanthropy, Barbara Bush Parent Center, as well as First Book, the national organization that works closely with Pi Phis all around the country! The BBPC serves adults in the Brazos Valley in multiple ways through different levels of education as well as parenting classes to better serve their families. ESL classes or GED prep classes are also offered, to name a few. This foundation was established in 1997 by former first lady, Barbara Bush, and continues to thrive solely based on the contributions and physical volunteer work by the Pi Phi chapter here at Texas A&M.

       First Book was started in 1992 and has a simple goal: to provide children of low-income families with their first book. Since the beginning of our partnership, Pi Phi has donated roughly 2 million books to communities nationwide!

       The day was full of friendly competition and the players agree that they cannot WAIT until next year!


Photo Set

On November 5th, we celebrated Pi Phi’s outstanding academic achievements at our annual Scholarship Banquet! This year’s banquet was held at the MSC Ballroom and in attendance were professors from all departments, nominated by Pi Phis for their dedication to teaching and outstanding service to our school. Our speaker was LaRhesa Moon, current President of the Womens’ Former Students Network, who entertained us with her life stories and encouraged us to pursue with excellence even the seemingly random classes in college because you never know when the knowledge you gain will be valuable to you. In addition, every Pi Phi with a 3.0 GPA and above was honored for her academic successes and rewarded with a Starbucks giftcard, including the 41 girls who made 4.0s and received pearls for their arrow pins! Finally, the Texas Eta scholarship was awarded to Senior Julie Scoggins, a very worthy recipient recognized for her outstanding dedication to academics!

Photo Set

Trick or Treat on Sorority Row is one of our favorite events and this year was no different! On Halloween night, each sorority prepares a Halloween-themed activity and hands out candy to Trick-or-Treaters from the Bryan/College Station community. It is a really fun way to give back to the community and celebrate Halloween with one another!